Do you offer an eventful experience?

From Rock Climbing to restaurants. Buzzin works with a variety of high class venues across the North West. Reach out and promote your venue to a new and growing community of people.

Just send us details about the offer or deal and we will publish it on the app for FREE. We promote our venues through social media and work with two of the biggest bus operators in the North West.

All you have to do is email , with details on the offer and a high resolution image. We look forward to hearing from you!

Are you a Local Business looking to attract more footfall?

We are currently working closely with over 50 local businesses in Manchester City centre.

Local clubs, pubs, museums, restaurants and events are using a cheaper and more efficient interactive way to engage with their customers.

We install tiny sensors called “beacons” in your venue by simply sticking them to a wall. Beacons interact with customers smartphones by sending out push notifications with offer codes and contextual information of your choosing.

How the business benefits? Attract new customers of the street by offering them exclusive offers as the walk past. Receive numerical info on how many people received your coupons, how many clicked on them and used them inside your shop. Track where people spent the most time so you can focus your efforts more efficiently.

This service can be set up in half an hour. All we need is an EXCLUSIVE offer from your venue. Email and we’ll take care of the rest!

For transport service providers

Join the revolution in transport and be part of Buzzin to create a connected multi-modal travel experience for your customers.

Buzzins “Hop-on” revolutionary ticketing service is low cost and allows public transport users to pay for their travel automatically based on what stop they got off the bus, using sensors on the bus and an online wallet.

This means no more cash, que times are cut and you’re provided with data on how many people got on and off the bus and where! Increase passenger numbers, get more insights on how people use your service and tailor your services to people’s needs whether it be getting to event & sporting venues, festivals, night outs and other places where people want to go.

Users can also buy special travel passes that cover buses, taxis, bikes and other modes of transport.

Contact us now to discuss how we can quickly set-up the service for your vehicles and routes,

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